Wickham Website Accessibility

This website has been designed to maximise its accessibility for all users.  It is best viewed using Internet Explorer but has been tested in Firefox too.

The design works towards these standards and is continually being improved feedback would be very welcome email clerk.wickham@parish.hants.gov.uk or tel 01329 835019:

Images have alt text as a description

Image maps are not used

Multimedia will have captioning if used

Hyperlinks have in context descriptions

Page organisation is designed using CSS for layout and style wherever using headings, lists and consistent structure

Graphs and charts will include a text summary or a long description

Scripts, applets and plug-ins will have alternative content where possible - please advise if you are unable to use any of the external links so the design can be developed to overcome this.

Frames will not be used

Tables - still working on this one and trying to convert o CSS! Please advise of any difficulties in the meantime.

Pages are validated for WCAG Priority 1; WCAG Priority 2 and Access Board Section 508

Much of the detailed information is in pdf format to allow easy reading for those using a screen reader.

If you need the latest Adobe Reader click here for the Adobe website: the Adobe site will open in a new window; close the window when you have completed the download to return to this site.

To set Adobe Reader to open in its own window for PDF documents on the web follow these three steps:

Open Adobe Reader, then open the Help menu, and then select Accessibility Setup Assistant

Proceed through each dialogue box and click Next until you get to the fifth screen. On screen five the very last option is called Display PDF Documents In the Web Browser. You should make sure this option is not checked.

Adobe publish the above guidance together with other guidance on customising Adobe to suit you on their page Customizing Adobe Reader for your accessibility needs