Wickham crest

Wickham Parish Council

Angela Clear

Council Chairman Angela Clear

14 Manor Close, Wickham PO17 5BZ
tel 01329 832923
email Cllr Clear
Cllr Clear is also Chairman of the Finance Committee, Highways representative and Lighting representative

Sue Roger-Jones

Council Vice-Chairman Sue Roger-Jones

Moonrakers, Fareham Road, Wickham PO17 5BY
tel 01329 833165
email Cllr Roger-Jones
Cllr Roger-Jones is also Chairman of the Recreation Committee and Chairman of the Water Meadows Committee

Justin Gamlin

Chairman of General Purposes Committee Justin Gamblin

Niagara, Tanfield Lane, Wickham PO17 5NW
tel 01329 832076
email Cllr Gamblin

Di Frost

Chairman of Planning Committee

Di Frost

The Laurels, Mayles Lane, Wickham PO17 5ND
tel 01329 832633
email Cllr Frost


Vice Chairman of Recreation Committee - Wickham

Trevor Astbury

15 Wykeham Field, Wickham PO17 5AB
tel 07397 387627
email Cllr Astbury


Vice-Chairman of Recreation Committee - Knowle
Alan Ediss

8 Victoria Mews Knowle PO17 5JX
tel 01329 832624
email Cllr Ediss

Therese Evans

Therese Evans

 3 Copperwood, Holt Close, Wickham PO17 5EY
tel 01329 832700
email Cllr Evans


Nick Guy

11 Mayles Corner Mayles Lane Knowle PO17 5AG
tel 01329 832446
email Cllr Guy


Kathryn Holladay

Glenmead House Tanfield Lane Wickham  PO17 5NW
tel 01329 833596
email Cllr Holladay

  Vice-Chairman of Planning CommitteeVice-
Cllr Mike Hollis

Mike Hollis

12 Buddens Road Wickham PO17 5HQ
tel 01329 835243
email Cllr Hollis


Vice Chairman of Planning Committee
Loraine Rappe

29 Knowle Avenue Knowle PO17 5LG
tel 01329 483020
email Cllr Rappe