Wickham crest

Wickham Parish Council

Meeting Dates

Full Council held at Wickham Centre, Committees at the Recreation Ground Clubhouse

Members of the public welcome to all meetings


Meetings start at 7pm


Wickham Parish Council Meetings 2018

 Tuesday evenings unless noted

Full Council


Held on Tuesday in Woodford Suite


 Held on Tuesday at the Recreation Ground Clubhouse


2nd January

Planning/GP/Finance - Precept

20th February

6th February

Planning/ Recreation

20th March

6th March

Planning /GP/ Finance

17th April

3rd April

Planning / Watermeadows /Recreation

6.30pm Thursday 17th May Annual Parish Assembly

29th May AGM

8th May

Planning / GP / Finance

19th  June

5th June

Planning / Recreation

17th  July

3rd July

Planning /GP/ Finance

18th September

4th September

 Planning / Watermeadows/ Recreation

16th October        

2nd October

 Planning / GP/ Finance

  20th November

6th November

Planning / Recreation

11th December (if required)

11th December (if required)

Planning /GP/ Finance